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  • Fascinating Places To Visit When You Are In Wisconsin Dells – Part I

    April 23, 2018

    Wisconsin Dells is a year-round place to visit as it is full of great activities, attractions, and resorts. Popularly known as “Waterpark Capital of the World,” the place will surely satiate your craving for fun and relaxation. The place has myriad options for everyone, including kids, adults, and seniors. So, if you are planning to visit Wisconsin Dells with either your friends or family, here are the top 5 things you must do.

    1.  Cave of the Mounds – Located near the community of Blue Mounds, Cave of the Mounds is an alluring natural attraction discovered in 1939 and opened for tourists in 1940. The mineral developments known as speleothems formed from mineral deposits on the limestone are breathtakingly lovely.

    2.  Christmas Mountain Village – Wisconsin Dells’ premier golf and ski resort, Christmas Mountain Village offer 27-hole championship golf course, downhill and cross- country skiing, snow tubing, and snowshoeing. If you are looking forward to organizing an event like engagement or wedding, then it is a perfect backdrop.

    3.  H.H. Bennett Studio – Opened in 1865, the H.H. Bennett Studio is the oldest business in Wisconsin Dells and the oldest photographic studio.

    4.  Kalahari Waterparks – Section of the Kalahari Resort & Convention Center, Kalahari Waterparks comprises both indoor and outdoor waterparks. A perfect combination of exciting slides, lazy river, hot tub, swimming pools, and a children’s water play area, it is a fun-filled place to visit.

    5.  Mr. Marvel’s Wondertorium – Incepted during Logan Marvel’s university days and comprising of his bizarre collection of oddities from around the globe, it is an attraction not to be missed.

    So, if you are looking forward to visiting Wisconsin Dells and worried about the stay, then Dells Ramada is the solution. Dells Ramada is one of the best hotels near Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells.

    Plan your vacation and let us help you to have the best time!

  • Reserve The Best Cascade Mountain Ski Package Right Away

    February 22, 2018

    Adventurous souls, looking for new escapades to indulge yourself in? How about going for a ski vacation with the ones you love? If you possess an immense love for snow, rest assured there would be nothing better than exploring your thrill-seeking side on a ski vacation. If interested, make sure you plan for a Cascade Mountain ski trip as soon as possible. An ideal location for skiing and snowboarding, Cascade Mountain is the ultimate love of many daring skiers. So, if you too are one among the same, don’t hesitate in making a quick plan and start looking for the best Cascade Mountain ski packages without further ado!

    If you want this ski vacation to be a memorable one, make sure you go with one of the best Wisconsin Dells ski packages that we have to offer. Ramada Ski Package with Cascade Mountain will suit your requirements to a T and offer you the best of Wisconsin Dells without burning a hole in your pocket. What’s best is that the Cascade Mountains are just 15 minutes drive away from our hotel. So, you won’t have to travel a lot to indulge in the endless ski fun. Offering a vast line of amenities, we leave no stone unturned in making Wisconsin Dells visit and Cascade Mountain skiing memorable for all the travelers.

    Having said that, if you are all set for a fun-filled ski vacation, place your trust in us to provide you with the best package. To explore more, visit our site now!

  • Grab Nice Hotel Deals in Wisconsin Dells and Mesmerize Thy Self with Some Amazing Suites

    February 22, 2018

    Surrounded by a serene river, the city of Wisconsin is a must-go tourist destination - an ultimate family vacation spot to relish some really sweet moments with your loved ones, friends or family. The city has so much to offer, and Dells Ramada ensures your time and money are spent the right-royal way! We at Ramada welcome you towards a safe and enjoyable stay at our nice hotels in Wisconsin Dells, renowned for the famous ‘Noah’s water-park’ and some gorgeous theme parks, such as Wilderness territory apart from other things to explore.

    With Ramada your holidays feel adventurous and your days & nights will be filled with exciting elements to remember for a lifetime. While there are about 100 attractions in the city, you will never fall short of options in Wisconsin. Visit shopping sites, historical and science museum, entertainment spots without worrying about the accommodation. Wisconsin Dells deals in the best hotels for all the clients alike, so if you are planning your next family trip, you know where to go! After exhausting yourself in some cool spots, you can perfectly give some rest to your tired body at the best hotel rooms - King rooms, Executive King rooms, Whirlpool Suites, etc.

    Grab your hotel deals to find the best Waterpark hotels and Suites with - Ramada Wisconsin Dells.

  • Choose to Stay in a Hotel Near Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells to Make the Most of Your Trip

    February 5, 2018

    The Kalahari resort and convention located in Wisconsin Dells and other cities in the US have got their name from the Kalahari Desert in Africa, and thus the African theme at all the resorts is visible. The water park resort in Wisconsin Dells is one of the largest indoor water parks in the US, only behind the water parks of the same chain in Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, and Sandusky, Ohio. However, it remains the first location of the Kalahari chain of resorts and convention. The Kalahari water park in Wisconsin Dells is the largest in Wisconsin and features indoor FlowRider surfing simulator and an indoor uphill water coaster. Its recent expansion resulted in the inclusion of indoor super-loop slides to add to the already present water slides, an outdoor/indoor hot tub, and a wave pool amongst other things. Also, it also has a number of fitness centers, a golf club, and a spa. All of these things combine to offer guests an experience that they can take back home and talk about it for years to come.


    Although the resort also provides accommodation, you should still look out for hotels near Kalahari resort in Wisconsin Dells, WI, if you are looking to enjoy an economical trip. Choosing to stay in a hotel near Kalahari resort in Wisconsin Dells would also offer you the opportunity to plan your itinerary according to your time and budget. There are many other attractions in Wisconsin Dells, so it is only imperative that you cover everything in the limited time you have.

  • Kalahari In Wisconsin Dells Provides The Perfect Getaway

    January 29, 2018

    Wisconsin Dells is a heavily demanded holiday destination. Apart from the shows and various attractions in the region, there are a lot of affordable hotels and inns where you can put up.

    The Kalahari Hotel in Wisconsin Dells is an ideal spot for tourists who wish to experience the adventures of the African Safari without having to go to Africa. This star hotel features an extensive collection of tribal artifacts, jungle plants, African murals and many other African attractions. The hotel is also known for its vast indoor water park which is ideal for enjoying with family and friends.

    The hotel lobby showcases its exquisite collection of African decors. The guests are welcomed by the hospitable staffs. As a tradition, each guest is provided with a colorful bracelet that acts as an entrance pass for the water parks.

    Kalahari is composed of more than 700 spacious guestrooms, also known as Hut Rooms. These rooms, furnished with a safari style theme, are also equipped with microwave oven, hairdryer, colored TV, mini refrigerator, iron, coffee maker and other electronic facilities.

    The hotel also has condo units and cottages which are available for sale or rent.

    There are a number of restaurants within the hotel offering different kinds of indigenous and worldly cuisines. The Kahunaville Restaurant is one of the well-known restaurants which serve special Las Vegas platters. Room catering can be arranged from the restaurants as well.

    The indoor water park of the hotel endorses fun rides exclusively for the hotel guests. It comes with a vast space of dressing rooms and concessions around the area.

  • Book Wisconsin Dells Hotel Near Noah’s Ark Waterpark to Save Time and Experience Fun

    January 16, 2018

    When you plan a vacation, you always wish your accommodation to be close to all the major attractions. If you are planning to visit Wisconsin Dells, then your wish will be fulfilled. The destination is filled with all kinds of attractions. And the best part is that you are going to find many hotels close to these attractions. There are a number of hotels near Noah’s Ark waterpark in Wisconsin Dells. And Cascade Mountain is not too far away from Noah’s Ark waterpark either.

    Whatever activities you have in mind while coming to Wisconsin Dells, you will be able to find space for most of them. Plus, if you are a shopping enthusiast, you are going to get a lot of opportunities to shop your favorite stuff at discounted prices here. People who like delicious food are not going to be disappointed either. You will find restaurants and eateries of almost all the favorite cuisines.

    Now, if you are looking to save some more on your vacation, you can look for hotels that are offering getaway deals in Wisconsin Dells. And there are a number of these as well. So, pack your bags and get ready for a vacation that will last in your memories for a lifetime.

  • Grab the Best Hotel Deals in Wisconsin Dells

    August 21, 2017

    Wisconsin has been an ultimate family vacation spot ever since you got to know about the place. Beautifully surrounded by the Wisconsin River, this city has so much to offer! Ramada is pleased to welcome you to Wisconsin Dells. We provide you with safe and enjoyable stay at the best hotels and suites in the waterpark capital of the world. From having a fun time at the renowned Noah’s Ark Water Park to visiting the theme parks such as Wilderness Territory, and exploring the unusual things at the specialty museums such as Mr. Marvel’s Wondertorium, and Tommy Bartlett Exploratory, you just can’t get enough when you are in Wisconsin.

    While there are about 100 attractions in the city, you will never fall short on options. The more you try narrowing down your choices, the more you would want to explore Wisconsin. With so many water parks equipped with larger-than-life water slides around the city, indulging in recreational water activities is the first thing that comes to a visitor's mind. Then there are some huge shopping sites, entertainment spots, historical and science museums, splendid views, couple’s retreat points, and so much more to witness. There’s something for everyone in this city including the book-worms. Located in Sheboygan, ‘Bookworm Gardens’ is a wireless zone filled with literature-inspired books for all ages.

    So if you are planning your next family trip, you know where to go! And once you’ve decided, you can contact us to find the most amazing place to stay in Wisconsin, and to grab you the best hotel deals.

  • Cascade Mountain Ski Packages - Book Now to Enjoy Gliding Over the Snow!

    Cascade Mountain Ski Packages - Book Now to Enjoy Gliding Over the Snow!

    August 2, 2017
    Base elevation is 820 feet.
    Peak elevation is 1,280 feet.
    Vertical drop is 460 feet.
    Spread on 175 acres land.

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  • Spend A Fun-Filled Holiday with Your Family: Book Ramada Wisconsin Dells

    July 5, 2017
    Looking for a waterpark hotel or a resort? Your search ends with Ramada Wisconsin Dells! Step into the magical world of Wisconsin Dells - The scintillating waterpark capital of the entire planet. The indoor waterpark was pioneered here in Wisconsin Dells and it is home to the largest concentration of outdoor and indoor waterparks

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  • Wisconsin Dells Hotels and Waterparks - A Year Around Vacation Destination

    June 23, 2017
    There was a time when the idea of a waterpark was based on the summer months and geographically warmer climates. After a seasonal operation, the parks would either shut down for the cooler months or transform into a winter adventure.

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